Let it be...

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“I don’t play by your rules.”


“I don’t play by your rules.”

And I got the point that I should leave you alone
But we both know that I’m not that strong
Miserable At Best- Mayday Parade (via megasamara06)

So don’t fall in love, there’s just too much to lose.
If given the choice, then, I’m begging you, choose to walk away, walk away, don’t let her get you. I can’t bear to see the same happen to you.

Now son, I’m only telling you this because life, can do terrible things.

Terrible Things - Mayday Parade (via unnoticedmindthief)
I’m not perfect, but I keep trying ‘cause that’s what I said I would do from the start.
Perfect - Hedley (via unnoticedmindthief)

My never ending goal that I will live by forever. In a positive way.

"So cut my wrists and black my eyes"

"So cut my wrists and black my eyes"


If I seem distant
Baby I am
Words are like scissors in your hands
And there’s no script to follow
So I just close my eyes
That way it won’t hurt so much
When we say goodbye

I feel just like an actress
Up on the stage
I can’t believe
What I’m hearing myself say
And the porch light is my…

Katherine McPhee, lyrics


Well you smile like a saint but you curse like a sailor, and your eyes say the jokes on me.

Get With the Mentality .


I believe that small things count . There is never such a thing as a foolish dream . I cannot count how many times i have attempted to explain myself to one who will never understand . Why? Because they are simply not me .
Human beings are complex, yet indubitably sensitive & unpredictable . I strive for simplicity and happiness, rather than perfection . I question myself at times, but i guess that is what makes life much more worth while .

: )

So simple words and thoughts, yet such a huge, meaningful explain action


Set them free